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Second-hand football boot sold for $2.5 million

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  • Mario Goetze's World Cup-winning boot raises $2.5 million for charity
    A few weeks ago Mario Goetze announced that he would be auctioning off the boot which won the World Cup for Germany this summer.

    It is, according to German newspaper Bild, “the most famous shoe in the world” - and now it's also the most expensive as an anonymous bidder paid a staggering €2 million - that's £1.6 million - for what is a unique piece of memorabilia.

    The Bayern Munich playmaker scored the only goal of the game as Germany triumphed over Argentina in Rio, and the Nike boot which volleyed the ball into the corner of the net has now made a huge contribution to Goetze's nominated charity, Ein Herz fur Kinder (A Heart for Children).
    "Two million is such a huge sum, the good thing is that it's for a good cause and not just for a boot," Goetze told Bild.

    It's a fabulous gesture by the 22-year-old Bayern Munich star, who decided to let the boot do some more good rather than let keep it in a display case in his home.

    “I have never washed the shoe,” Goetze told Bild after initially announcing the auction. “It is still in the same condition as it was in Rio, when I left the stadium with it.

    “There is still grass on it. I have never put the boot on after the final. I kept it safe at my house.“
    Goetze said he had fielded plenty of offers for the item but resisted all of them in order to help out a charity in need.

    “I was often asked, many were interested,” Goetze said. For example, sponsors, other companies and friends.

    It's unsurprising, then, that fans have been full of praise for the unselfish young star.
    But one wag on social media had a different take on it. "€2m? For that much money I'd want the pair."